The spoils of an undeclared war

How Guatemala’s ‘War on Drugs’ is being used as a front to clear land for oil companies We mentioned previously about the Guatemala Government’s subservience to global corporate interests, namely that of French oil company Perenco. An article by Dawn… Read More ›

‘We find Goldcorp guilty ‘

The Peoples’ International Health Tribunal delivered its verdict on the 15th July 2012 in San Miguel Ixtahuacán – “we find Goldcorp guilty for its activities in Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, which we find to be seriously damaging to the health… Read More ›

Attempted assassination of community activist

We featured recently <a href=”Yoli” Oquelí – pictured above. “On June 13th, at approximately 6:30pm, Yoli was ambushed by two men on a motorcycle while driving to her home in San José del Golfo. She was shot at repeatedly; one… Read More ›