Attempted assassination of community activist

We featured recently <a href=”Yoli” Oquelí – pictured above. “On June 13th, at approximately 6:30pm, Yoli was ambushed by two men on a motorcycle while driving to her home in San José del Golfo. She was shot at repeatedly; one… Read More ›

“This land is ours”

“The villagers had no idea that their land had been nationalised in‭ ‬1984‭ ‬– a fact that was concealed from them for‭ ‬28‭ ‬years.‭ ‬They are perplexed,‭ ‬shocked,‭ ‬and angry. In the‭ ‬1980s the area was scorched with genocide and… Read More ›

‘As Firm as a Tree’

    On July 7th 2010, gunmen entered the home of Diodora Hernández (above) and shot her in the eye. Diodora worked with a group of women active in defending community water resources from Canadian mining company Goldcorp. Goldcorp has… Read More ›