Demand That State Cease Excessive Violence

In response to the events at El Estor, the above statement was released jointly, yesterday, by Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network (ARSN), Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network (BTS-RES), Human Rights Defenders Project, Guatemala Human Rights Commission (GHRC), Guatemalanetz Bern, Protection International… Read More ›

GHRC – Human Rights Update

GHRC recently published (18th Sep ’21) its latest Human Rights Update. Constitutional Court Ruling Leaves Judge Erika Aifán Open to ChargesOn September 16, the Constitutional Court rejected an injunction filed by high-risk court judge Erika Aifán, a ruling which leaves… Read More ›

Dianna Ortiz Memorial

The Guatemala Human Rights Commission (GHRC) posted a Memorial page to Dianna Ortiz, OSU, who died on February 19, 2021, at 62 years old. She fought for the rights of all and fought bravely. Dianna worked at the Guatemala Human… Read More ›

Police Repress Protests

This weekend’s Guardian Weekly published a photo of the fire in the Congress building from last weekend, but without any context. It’s the now, ‘well-known’, photo with the protester in front, arms raised – typical, lazy ‘western’ corporate journalism. The… Read More ›