Supporting Access To Education In San Andres Itzapa

Flying a kite in San Andres Itzapa Photo: Nathan Golon

I came across a really impressive set of photos on life in San Andres Itzapa, Chimaltenango, by Nathan Golon. There”s a photo of Oscar Berger speaking on a visit to San Andres Itzapa. Nathan explained:

“He spoke in the middle of a field connected to Itzapa by a rutted dirt road. Not
exactly the likeliest location for a presidential address. It made for an interesting scene. As for his speech, he mostly made loud and dramatic promises to deliver aid to the people affected by Stan–promises they have heard before. Of course, for the most part, the people who lost their homes have since rebuilt on their own with the help of family, neighbors, and non-profits.”

Nathan has a website showcasing his photos and explains the scholarship project to help local children access education. This from the website:

“In Guatemala, approximately one-third of all adults are unable to read or write [UNICEF Statistics]. School is not free, and many families are unable to afford the cost of enrollment fees, uniforms, books, and supplies. For many children, this means the cycle of poverty will continue.

As a voluntary component of this project, students at Westbrook High will be working to raise scholarship funds for children in the town of San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala. Global Vision International, a non-profit volunteer service organization working with indigenous communities in Guatemala, will distribute all scholarship funds to families who would otherwise be unable to send their children to school.”

You can support the project by volunteering or by making making a donation.

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