Never Again a Military Parade

Since 1871, the Guatemalan people have been submitted to witness the armed forces caravan through their streets every June 30th – officially observed as Armed Forces Day. Nevertheless, starting in 1999, the HIJOS Collective (acronym for: Sons and Daughters for Identity and Justice, against Forgetfulness and Silence, a group mostly made up of family members of those forcefully disappeared by the military dictatorships of the 1970s and 80s) set itself the goal of permanently stopping the parade.

A previous post from Gillian, provided an outline to the cancelation of this year’s millitary parade in Guatemala.

The above comes form the ever excellent work of James Rodríguez and MiMundo. In his photoessay he has posted some wonderful images of the National March for Remembrance held in place of the military parade, to commemorate the National Day of Our Heroes and Martyrs.

Categories: Culture, Military

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