Brother of Helen and Myrna Mack attacked

The brother of Helen and Myrna Mack, Ronald, was injured by bullets shot at him as he was driving through an intersection in Guatemala City on 29 July. It is not entirely clear what the motive for the attack was – a report in La Hora mentions a “discussion”, while a comment on the same article says that he stopped at a red light and was then approached by three men who shot him at close range.
Due to Helen Mack’s activities the Interamerican Court of Human Rights ordered that protection be given to her family members. This protection was recently withdrawn on the orders of the Secretaría de Asuntos Administrativos y de Seguridad (Secretariat of Security and Administrative Issues), according to this article in Prensa Libre.
While we cannot be sure what the motive was, it is an established pattern that family members of those involved in human rights advocacy are regarded as legitimate targets. The family members of staff of the Forensic Anthropology Foundation have suffered endless
, sometime including details of what they are wearing or where they are travelling on any particular day.
A statement put out by the Unidad de Protección a Defensoras y Defensores de Derechos Humanos de Guatemala (Union for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders of Guatemala) is attached.

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