Extrajudicial Execution in Guatemala raised in Parliament

The member of parliament for Buckingham, John Bercow, has asked a question about the numbers of recent extrajudicial executions in Guatemala.

I’m glad to see that Guatemalan issues are raised in parliament, despite the fact that the UK’s diplomatic representation is being scaled down, presumably because the country is not regarded as strategically important for UK interests. 

 I would have to take issue with one part of the answer though: the answer discusses what President Colom has been doing to address the high levels of violent crime and impunity, one of which actions was to replace the Minister of the Interior. Now I thought that the Minister of the Interior, Carlos Vinicio Gomez, died in a helicopter crash on 27 June, so replacing him was more a matter of necessity than a desire to deal with crime. 

 John Bercow has asked a few questions about Guatemala before: about death squads and Hurricane Stan. As he is the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Genocide Prevention one hopes that the human rights situation in Guatemala would be on his radar.


Categories: Human Rights, Mentions of Guate in UK Parliament

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