Human Rights Updates

Here are a few items of human rights news from the last few weeks.

  • Xamán case Twelve years after first bringing a civil case against the perpetrators of the massacre in Xaman a hearing has been held. On September 25 witnesses to the massacre in the returnee community of Aurora 8 de Octubre, Xamán, gave their testimony to support their case for reparations. The soldier in charge of the patrol which killed eleven people on 5 October 1995 was present to represent the defendants. More information on this case and the previous and successful criminal case can be found on the NISGUA website.
  • Gerardi case The attorney general has announced that further investigation is to be carried out into military officers for involvement in the murder of Monseñor Juan Gerardi in April 1998. This case is one of the most high profile human rights cases that has ever been carried through in Guatemala, and found four people guilty of his murder in 2001. The controversy about who was really responsible has provoked thousands of lines of writing and several books, one of which we reviewed here.
  • Threats made agains the family of Norma Cruz Shortly before we receive our visitor from Guatemala we have received information about threats to another activist in the field of domestic violence. A family member of Norma Cruz, the director of Fundación Sobrevivientes, has been threatened, in what seems to be an attempt to intimidate the Fundación from carrying out its work of seeking justice for women who have suffered violence. The action issued by Amnesty International can be seen here, and has been issued to those on our urgent action register. More
    information about Norma Cruz and her personal struggle which led her to found
    the Fundación Sobrevivientes can be found here in a brief biography from a conference at which she spoke.

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