Head of CICIG resigns

News this last week from Guatemala centred on the resignation of Carlos Castresana, head of CICIG, the UN International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala. It seems to me that CICIG had been important in providing some measure of hope for the victims of impunity – victims, mostly interestingly, of the Guatemalan State.

As CICIG points out, “The fight against impunity is essentially the responsibility of the Guatemalan State. CICIG will continue to offer to the Guatemalan State the support and accompaniment necessary to remove the illegal groups and clandestine security apparatus’s that have infiltrated the Guatemalan Justice system.”
You will notice that it refers to the State and not the Government. The ‘State’ appears to have little, or no, interest in the fight for justice and an end to impunity otherwise it would provide the Government with the necessary resources. It is apparent that Castresana, and CICIG, had become problematical to the interests of the State elites and they have decided it was time for some action.
As The Guatemala Times notes, it is apparent that there is such a level of corruption among the legal profession that is difficult to comprehend, though not necessarily surprising.
The Constitutional Court has shown some backbone and the newly installed Attorney General, Conrado Reyes, has been dismissed.
A heartfelt note in the Times states that “We at the Guatemala Times are deeply saddened that Dr. Castresana has resigned; he was our hope for a better future for Guatemala. We have supported CICIG since we started to publish in 2008. But we also understand and respect his reasons for resigning. We just hope that he will find a country where his work and efforts are appreciated when he is there, and not only when he is leaving. He did not fail Guatemala, Guatemala failed him. We offer our deepest thanks for his work for our country”.

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