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You will have already read on this website about the unfortunate resignation of the head of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, known as CICIG. One of the matters which provoked Carlos Castresana to finally throw in the towel was the election of the Attorney General, when CICIG and civil society organisations had all complained that none of the candidates postulated were at all suitable.

The United Nations is now in the position of searching for a candidate to take over as head of CICIG. We hope they find someone who can measure up to the job and carry on the legacy that Castresana has left. Our friends at NISGUA have prepared the attached action asking you to write to the United Nations asking for a properly qualified candidate, and also to include Guatemalan civil society groups – a process which manifestly failed in the case of Guatemala’s appointment of its Attorney General. They also ask that the UN protect CICIG’s staff and other human rights defenders as they are all vulnerable. There is a sample letter, but as always using your own words is better.

Thanks for your solidarity.

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