Attacks on justice and the rule of law in Honduras

Neighbouring Guatemala, Honduras suffered a coup last year which has been little reported, especially here in the UK. The coup, its implicit support from the United States, and its consequences for the rule of law and justice, are pointers in the region that certain class interests remain above the law, even US law, as noted in this analysis from Upside Down World of a wikileaks communiqué from the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa to the State Department. The full communiqué is published by the Guatemala Times.

As a consequence, Honduras is the second most dangerous country for journalists, after Mexico. The coup carried out by the military on behalf of the oligarchs has resulted in a climate of fear among those seeking justice in this so-called democracy.

Sandra Cuffe begins her article on Upside Down World with an apt quote from Eduardo Galeano, “Justice is like snakes. They only bite the

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