Death Threats in Guatemala: The Dangers of Justice-Seeking

“Guatemala is a land of tremendous contrasts; a place of incredible beauty, wonderful people and heart-stopping terror. Our final evening on a recent Skylight Pictures visit to this “land of eternal spring” starts simply enough, but by the end of it we experience a little of Guatemala’s extremes.”

So begins a recent blog article by Peter Kinoy on IJCentral. Peter was involved in the making of the film Granito: How to Nail a Dictator, which we have featured here before.

“As we packed our bags for an early morning flight I thought about these wonderful people, full of life and courage and how they remain optimistic about a possible Guatemala where the beauty and culture would shine and flourish, and I wondered if there would ever be a time when the hideously unchecked terror and violence would become only a memory.”

Categories: Human Rights, Justice

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