“I want someone to show me there was genocide”

An interesting blog entry came along on the Central American Politics blog page regarding the upcoming Presidential elections and stories about Otto Pérez Molina, the front runner. The elections are due to be held on that most of iconic dates for the Americas, both North and South – September 11th.

There was an interview with Alan Nairn where Pérez Molina takes the role of a ‘matter of fact’ functionary of the State and promoter of Israeli ordnance in front of the camera – no doubt ordnance used in the genocide. The short video is titled Otto Pérez Molina – a biography.

We also know that a letter has been sent recently to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture alleging that Pérez Molina was directly involved in the systematic use of torture and acts of genocide during the long civil war in Guatemala. Specifically, he was on the ground and in command in the Ixil triangle in 1982 during the village by village massacre campaign as part of that genocide.

Lest we forget, Francisco Goldman’s interview on Democracy Now effectively implicating Pérez Molina in the murder of Bishop Juan Gerardi in 1998, two days after the Bishop published ‘Guatemala: Nunca Más’, the report which placed the blame for the vast majority of the violations of the internal conflict on the government and the army. You can see the interview here and a transcript here.

The blog entry, above, contains a link to an English translation of some parts of an interview carried out by Pérez Molina with Plaza Publica. Another part of that interview is headed, “Quiero que alguien me demuestre que hubo genocidio” (“I want someone to show me there was genocide”).

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