La Puya – Employees of EXMINGUA-KCA plead guilty to threats against journalists

La Puya, Guatemala - Community in Resistance

La Puya, Guatemala – Community in Resistance

Guatemala Human Rights Commission (GHRC) reports that Juan José Reyes Carrera y retired Guatemalan Army Lt., Pablo Silas Orozco Cifuentes, were sentenced to two years in prison for “threats and coercion” against independent journalists reporting on local resistance to a U.S.-owned gold mine.

Reyes and Orozco are both employees of Exmingua, the Guatemalan subsidiary of Nevada-based mining company Kappes, Casssiday & Associates (KCA).

Since March of 2011, community members from San José del Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc have maintained a peaceful roadblock near the entrance to KCA’s “Progreso VII Derivada” gold mine, not allowing any heavy mining machinery to pass. This nonviolent resistance, known as La Puya, has faced constant threats and attacks.

This is a groundbreaking court case and you can read the full article from GHRC here and more about La Puya here.

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