Judging a Dictator: The Trial of Guatemala’s Rios Montt

The Open Society Justice Initiative has just published a summary of the six week trial of Efrain Rios Montt based on the daily monitoring reports from this website.

The 56-page book, Judging a Dictator: The Trial of Guatemala’s Rios Montt, also includes an English translation of excerpts from the 718-page judgment against Rios Montt (specifically Section III of the judgment, covering the facts regarded by the court as proven (pages 103-45) and Section V, covering the charges proven against Rios Montt (pages 682-703).

Also available on the Open Society site is a fuller English translation of key sections of the judgment, and a translated text of the constitutional court ruling that led to the cancellation of the guilty verdict against Rios Montt, including the two dissenting opinions.

You can find more here.

Categories: Genocide, Human Rights, Justice, Rios Montt


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