La Puya: Two Years of Peaceful Resistance Against an Unwanted Gold Mine

More great photoreportage from James Rodríguez (MiMundo) chronicling the days leading up the 2nd anniversary of the Cominudad en Resistencia of La Puya.

The highlight of the first few days was the removal of the heavy machinery that had been at the mining site when P&F Contratistas broke its contract with the owners of the mine, Nevada-based Kappes, Cassiday & Assocaites (KCA), and removed all its machinery citing a lack of payment by the U.S. mining firm since October 2013 as the reason.

As the photograph above shows, the community members worked long and late to prepare the site for the day’s events where up to 2,000 were welcomed to join in the celebrations.

Only a few miles north of Guatemala City, the peaceful resistance at La Puya against the El Tambor gold mine celebrated its second anniversary. Since March 2nd, 2012, local neighbors from San José del Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc have maintained a 24-hour blockade into the mining project owned by Nevada-based Kappes, Cassiday & Assocaites (KCA). Despite continuous threats and an assassination attempt on a local leader, community members continue their resistance as they claim the industrial activity in their territories is illegal since they were not appropriately consulted before operations began.

You can catch all the photographs and read the full article here.

You can find more articles about La Puya here.

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