Celebrating Two Years of Resistance in La Puya

Sunday, 2nd March 2014, saw the Comunidad en Resistencia of ‘La Puya’ celebrate its 2nd anniversary in its struggle for land and dignity against a rapacious mining industry and the Guatemala state. Rachel Small has put together a fine series of photographs from her being at the celebration, including the one showing above.

As Rachel states,

On March 2nd, I had the pleasure of celebrating an amazing milestone in La Puya alongside at least one thousand others. The day marked two years of fierce peaceful resistance against a mining project by U.S.-owned company Kappes, Cassiday and Associates (formerly owned by Canadian Radius Gold).

You can see the photographs and accompanying article here.

For more information on the Comunidad en Resistencia, you can view the Thorn Tree Resistance here, The Rhythm of Resistance here, and a very fine timeline from GHRC here.


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