Struggle for food as drought hits Guatemala

The BBC has reported on the struggle for food in eastern Guatemala as severe drought impacts thousands of farmers.

In an area known as the Dry Corridor, the drought has turned fertile fields barren with many crops failing to grow. The report highlights the case of 74-year-old Marco Tulio Lopez Diaz, who has lost 80% of his annual corn crop and is concerned that the surviving corn has yielded no grain. He told the BBC: “We’ve often had tough droughts but not like this year…We sowed the seeds, the plants are here but they’ve not produced anything. This year we’ve not been able to harvest.”

Experts believe that the drought is being caused by the effects of El Nino, which might be one of the strongest on record according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Although the ongoing drought caused the Guatemalan government to declare a state of emergency last year, it has been of little comfort to farmers who rely solely upon their crops to survive.

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