2019 – a year of violence

UDEFEGUA has just reported on the number of personal attacks against human rights defenders in Guatemala this year, up to the middle of December.

From the infographic, above, it reports that this year was the fourth most violent year out of the last 19 years of registering attacks. This,, at a time when one might think that things would be improving and that the violence of the past would be left behind. It might simply reflect the dominance of the discourse of violence that the members of the Guatemala Congress feel empowered to carry out, reflecting that of the White House.

This year, UDFEGUA registered 462 attacks.

  • 311 in the Central and Southern Region
  • 83 in the Eastern Region
  • 45 in the Western Region
  • 23 in the Northern Region

Out of the 462, 15 people were murdered and there were 5 attempted murders.

Criminalisation is being increasingly driven by the powerful – there were 312 instances of this. There were

  • 253 accusations of criminality
  • 34 judicial denunciations without basis
  • 21 illegal detentions
  • 4 arbitrary detentions

Of the 462 assaults, 320 were carried out by state actors and the remaining 142 by non-state actors.

To follow the work of UDEFEGUA, you can visit their website, here.

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