The Future of War Crimes Prosecutions in Guatemala

The Open Society Justice Initiative is ending its monitoring of grave crimes trials in Guatemala through its International Justice Monitor website. This is the final post. Guatemala Solidarity Network wishes to thank OSJI for its contribution to the struggle for justice in Guatemala and we are delighted that Jo-Marie Burt and Paulo Estrada will continue their work with their project, Verdad y Justicia en Guatemala.

You can follow Verdad y Justicia en Guatemala on Twitter, here, and on Facebook, here.

When Alejandro Giammattei was sworn in as president of Guatemala on January 14, 2020, anti-impunity advocates sounded the alarm that, given his reported close ties to Guatemala’s ‘hidden powers,’ the rollback of the country’s efforts to combat corruption and impunity would accelerate under his rule. They worried that Giammattei would go even further than the previous government of Jimmy Morales, whose determination to end the anti-corruption crusade culminated in last year’s shuttering of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG).

You can read the final post, with links, by Jo-Marie Burt and Paulo Estrada on the International Justice Monitor website, here.

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