In Guatemala, Resignations are Not Enough

Guatemalan democracy fails by design to meet the needs of the poor majority, creating a foothold for corrupt parties while draining the government of legitimacy”.

Nicholas Copeland writes in NACLA Report about the recent wide-ranging civic demonstrations taking place in Guatemala.

As national protests call for the resignation of the president and Congress, many organizations have a bigger demand: transforming the violent foundations of Guatemalan democracy.

Guatemalans took to the streets for the fourth consecutive Saturday on December 12 to protest corruption and demand the president’s resignation. Days earlier, Indigenous, campesino, student, and religious movements in the Social and Popular Assembly (ASP) kicked off a National Strike (#ParoNacional) to call for a constitutional assembly (#AsambleaConstituyente). The ongoing protests come after discontent erupted on November 21 (#21N). Congress had passed a 2021 budget that slashed funds for food security and anti-corruption efforts and increased congressional perks amid a humanitarian catastrophe caused by two hurricanes and Covid-19. But the budget is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can read the full article, here, with links and photos, in the NACLA Report website. There is also a version in Spanish available.

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