Guatemala – #NiUnaMenos

Yesterday, 22nd January, it was reported that five women were murdered in Guatemala. Incredibly, this brings to 28, the number for January, and nothing is being done by the State to address this.

Outrage has been expressed across twitter in response to this. The image above comes from @landivarianos – “2021 – 22 days, 28 femicides”.

A small selection follows and any errors in translation are mine.

Carolina_Sarti (@Cescobarsarti) writes, ‘Only TODAY, 5 women were murdered in Guatemala. That is already 28. This society is sick: that teaching sexual and reproductive rights is a sin, that feminism is heresy, but raping and killing women is permissable and normal. Men confirm their poor masculinity. #NotOneLess (#NiUnaMenos)’.

Carolina’s tweet is here.

Eve (@ebochegt) writes, ‘Not even in its ‘repressive’ expression does the State work in our favor. There is neither education nor punishment. And if you try to get out of the mold [be different], a slap.

Eve’s tweet is here.

Jordán Rodas Andrade (@JordanRodas), the current Human Rights Ombudsman for Guatemala writes, ‘Given the constant acts of violence against women and girls, I condemn the almost complete lack of action of the authorities to prevent and eradicate them. #Guatemala is one of the worst countries to be a woman! Women and girls deserve to have a life free of violence! #NiUnaMenos

Jordán’s tweet is here.

Sara Curruchich (@SaraCurruchich) writes, ‘No, it should not have to be your sister, mother, friend, partner for you to have empathy with who is living. This cruelty must stop now, this violence must stop now, we deserve a life of dignity and free from violence. Justice and solidarity with all families. #NiUnaMenos

Sara’s tweet is here.

Rebeca Lane (@RebecaLane6) writes, ‘5 WOMEN HAVE BEEN KILLED TODAY. They are not just a number, they are lives cut short, families that will now live with absences and injustice, they are all of us who are left with rage. Sometimes surviving as a woman in this country is emotionally very hard.

Rebeca’s tweet is here.

Asier Vera (@ASIERVERA) writes, ‘#Guatemala registers 2 complaints daily so far this year for #femicides and violent deaths of women. In 22 days, 28 women were killed. Only yesterday, 5 bodies were found. Meanwhile, only 38% of the aggressors were identified. This cannot go on.

Asier’s tweet is here.

Asier also tweeted, ‘2 years ago the rapper from #Guatemala @ RebecaLane6 sang this raw song that she begins by talking about the murder of 5 women in a single day, the same number of #femicides committed yesterday in that country. It is a song that comes out of the rage for these sexist crimes.

Asier’s tweet is here.

The video for Rebeca’ Lanes powerful song ‘Ni Una Menos’ can be seen here.

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