No Human Being Is Illegal

The Convergencia por los Derechos Humanos (The Human Rights ‘Meeting Point’) issued a statement, published by UDEFEGUA, on the 21st January in relation to the violence meted out to the Honduran migrants over the previous weekend.

Any errors in translation are mine.


Last weekend we were again witness to caravanas of Honduran brothers and sisters seeking lives of dignity. These human tragedies will persist by virtue of the fact that the structural causes and displays of violence continue to prevail. The just struggle of thousands of people to seek opportunities in other countries, despite the risks, is a shameful sign of our current system which excludes and condemns the poorest people.

With much dismay and sorrow we observed the inhuman manner in which they were treated by the State security forces, the blockades, the excessive use of force, the illegal detentions, and the family separations registered by members of the Guatemala army. Within the caravanas, many children were the object of mistreatment and aggression without the primacy interest of their childhood being considered.

The state of alert decreed a few days before the arrival of the migrants got our attention, where conditions were generated to justify the illegal participation of the security forces forming a human wall, so unmasking the authoritarian nature of the Guatemala government. Not only were the rights of those migrating being restricted, so also were those of the Guatemalans who came to help them.

In virtue of the events, we express our condemnation and rejection of the assaults by the State security forces against the Central American migrants – our brothers and sisters. We demand that the principles of Article 145 of the Constitution are adhered to and to immediately cancel the public policy which is in violation of current Central American laws and treaties relating to the free movement through national territory. We demand that government actions are carried out that respect the life, the integrity, and the rights of peoples to freedom of movement.

We demand that responsibility is attached to the State agents and employees who used, and authorised, violence against the migrants and the the illegal detentions, as well as against the laws, the migratory codes, and the national and international conventions and treaties, in relation to the treatment of migrants, above all considering the conditions of Central American citizens, with special emphasis on the protection of life and the integrity of the children that accompany said caravan.

Guatemala, 21st January 2021.

The communication, in Spanish, can be viewed here: ‘No Human Being Is Illegal’ – UDEFEGUA

The Convergencia is made up of CAFCA, CALDH, CIDH, ODHAG, UDEFEGUA, ECAP, ICCPG, SEDEM, and UNAMG.

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