Civil Society demands judicial investigation of members of the Supreme Court

More than 40 organisations and social platforms demand of the Attorney General, María Consuelo Porras, that she applies for the withdrawal of immunity of Néster Vásquez, and the other magistrates of the Supreme Court, implicated in the ‘Parallel Commissions 2020’ Case.

Errors in translation are mine.

We Demand The Attorney General Applies For A Judicial Investigation Against Néster Vásquez And Others Implicated In The ‘Parallel Commissions 2020’ Case

In the last weeks, it became public that the magistrate Néster Vásquez, and other members of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) took part in the manipulation and procedural trickery in the election process for the courts for the period 2019-2024. According to investigations of the Special Attorney Against Impunity (FECI), the purpose was the co-optation of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Courts of Appeal (CA).

Faced with the seriousness of these events, the Attorney General applied for an arrest warrant for the Rector of the University of San Carlos, Murphy Paiz, and for two candidates to the Constitutional Court (CC), but did not request the judicial investigation against Néster Vásquez and the magistrates of the CSJ implicated in the ‘Parallel Commissions 2020’ Case.

We demand that the Attorney General acts objectively and impartially and applies for a judicial investigation against Néster Vásquez, Vitalina Orellana and other members of the CSJ. All of these negotiated the judiciary with politicians and functionaries accused of corruption. In addition, we demand the cancellation of the election [to the Constitutional Court] of the College of Lawyers and Notaries of Guatemala (CANG), given that Néster Vásquez, as well as Mynor Moto, are not suitable to be included in the next CC, so putting in danger the Constitutional order of the country.

You can see the original, in Spanish, on the Accion Ciudadana website.

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