The Election of Gloria Porras by the University High Council

Impunity Watch have just published a report, in Spanish, regarding the election of Gloria Porras to the Constitutional Court.

On 4 March 2021, the Superior University Council (Consejo Superior Universitario – CSU) of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala (USAC) elected Gloria Porras as a titular magistrate and Rony López as a substitute magistrate to the Constitutional Court (CC) for the period 2021-2026. However, the Governing Board of the Congress of the Republic refuses to swear in Gloria Porras based on alleged challenges that have already been resolved. Recently, the CSU publicly reported that it had resolved all pending challenges and confirmed the appointment of Gloria Porras to the CC. The swearing-in is now in the hands of Congress.

In this report we analyse the election process carried out by the CSU to appoint Gloria Porras as titular magistrate and Rony López as substitute magistrate of the CC, and the legal challenges that were filed against the election of Gloria Porras. The CSU complied with all the principles and procedures established by the Constitution and the Law on Amparo, Personal Exhibition and Constitutionality [la Ley de Amparo, Exhibición Personal y Constitucionalidad], as well as international standards on judicial independence. However, the bad faith of extreme right-wing individuals and groups persists, who insist on filing legal actions to try to prevent Gloria Porras from continuing in the Constitutional Court because they do not agree with her independent role or her resolutions while she was a magistrate of the CC during the previous term.

You can read more here, including a link to the full report, La elección de Gloria Porras por parte del Consejo Superior Universitario.

You can read an interview with Gloria Porras that we posted from José Luis Sanz in El Faro English here, “Whether on the Court or Not, I Swore to Protect the Constitution”.

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