Delia’s Return

Teenage girl with long dark brown hair wearing a blue skirt, multicolored güipil (traditional blouse), green sash, and brown sandals. With her right hand, she traces the railway lines on a red and pink map of Mexico. From Delia’s Return, illustrated by Gabriela Afable.

On American Anthropologist, Lauren Heidbrink, her daughter Gabriela Afable, and Delia (not her real name), present a multimodal representation chronicling the detention and deportation of Delia, an Indigenous youth from San Marcos, who migrated to the United States.

Delia’s experiences of migration and deportation reveal how Indigenous migrant youth negotiate everyday violence and discrimination, and how they and their families prioritise limited resources and make difficult decisions. It also highlights the every day racism inherent in Guatemala’s public services, especially in the capital, Guatemala City.

It is a really interesting method of anthropological presentation and presents the realities in ways that are very accessible.

There is also an audio conversation between Lauren and her daughter, Gabriela.

The representation is also available in Spanish.

You can see the piece, and access a suite of materials, including a study guide, and the audio conversation, here, Delia’s Return.

Categories: Accompaniment, Audio, Culture, Gender, Genocide, Guatemala, Human Rights, Indigenous peoples, Migration, Poverty, Solidarity in Action, Violence

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