GHRC – Human Rights Update

GHRC recently published (3rd Sep ’21) its latest Human Rights Update.

2021 on Track to Be Worst Year for Human Rights Defenders in 20 Years

According to the Unit for Protection of Human Rights Defenders of Guatemala (UDEFEGUA), in the first half of 2021, human rights defenders have been attacked at a rate suggesting this year may surpass 2020 to become the most violent year for human rights defenders in this century. From January to June, 551 attacks on human rights defenders were documented by UDEFEGUA. In 2020, the year with the most attacks against defenders since UDEFEGUA began documenting such attacks in 2000, the total number of attacks on defenders was 1,055….

UN Special Rapporteurs Ask Government for Answers in Case of Bernardo Caal

Four UN Special Rapporteurs in a letter to the Guatemalan government demanded answers to questions involving due process and concerns related to the health of political prisoner Bernardo Caal Xol.….. The UN experts expressed “serious concern over the allegations of the violations of the guarantees to due process in the legal proceedings of indigneous defender Mr. Bernardo Caal Xól,” and well as “the state of health of Mr. Caal Xól that has deteriorated in a concerning manner.” They requested information from the Guatemalan government on nine specific aspects of Caal’s case. In closing, they urged the government to “adopt all necessary measures to to protect the rights and freedoms” of Caal and to “investigate, try, and adequately punish any person responsible for the alleged violations.”….

Also including updates on the following:

  • Mexican Authorities Use Excessive Force Against Migrants Traveling North
  • US Agrees to Fly Migrants Directly to Guatemala City
  • Update from Cases GHRC is Accompanying

You can read the full update, including links, here GHRC – Human Rights Update

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