GHRC – Human Rights Update

GHRC recently published (18th Sep ’21) its latest Human Rights Update.

Constitutional Court Ruling Leaves Judge Erika Aifán Open to Charges
On September 16, the Constitutional Court rejected an injunction filed by high-risk court judge Erika Aifán, a ruling which leaves her open to charges. Last July the Institute of Appeals Court Judges requested that her immunity be removed in order to open a case against her alleging that she launched “illegal proceedings” against lawyers who were candidates for the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. She filed an injunction to stop the proceedings against her,  and the Constitutional Court granted a provisional injunction in 2020. However, yesterday’s unanimous decision by the newly elected Constitutional Court to strike down  the injunction strips Aifán of her immunity, meaning she could be removed from her position or even face prison time while investigations are underway….

Guatemalans Hold Mass Mobilizations to Reject Independence Day Celebrations

Wednesday marked the 200-year anniversary of Central America’s independence from Spain.  While the government held celebrations, spending Q66.5 million (more than $8.5 million), thousands of Guatemalans gathered across the country to protest the celebration….

Historic Trial Against Soldiers Implicated in the Diario Militar Case Continues

Hearings in the Diario Militar case continued on September 13. Two retired soldiers, Gustavo Aldolfo Oliva and Victor Augusto Vásquez, face charges of forcibly disappearing four people and committing crimes against humanity against thirteen–including two children under the age of five. In previous hearings, on September 1 and 8, the defense argued that the accused could not stand trial due to their poor health. After a doctor’s examination, both were ruled fit for trial. Following the presentation of arguments from the prosecution and defense, Judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez suspended the hearing and announced that the ruling will be read on September 20.

Also including updates on the following:

  • Public Ministry Removes Security of Three FECI Prosecutors
  • Guatemala Extends Mandate for UN Human Rights Office
  • Guatemala Becomes Fourth Most Deadly Country for Environmental Defenders

You can read the full update, including links, here GHRC – Human Rights Update

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