Solidarity And Support For ACOGUATE And CUC

The Statement Released By The Convergence for Human Rights Coalition

The above statement was released by the Convergence for Human Rights Coalition in response to the criminalisation of human rights organisations ACOGUATE and CUC. The current political and judicial environment is part of an increasingly repressive approach of the Guatemala state to human rights and Indigenous peoples as seen in the concerted violence being carried out against the Q’eqchi’ people in El Estor.

Errors in translation are mine.

The Convergence for Human Rights Coalition Expresses Its Solidarity With ACOGUATE And The Peasant Unity Committee (CUC)

1. On 12 October of this year, a demonstration was held for the Day of Resistance of Indigenous Peoples, as a legitimate demand to recognise and sanction the grave acts and human rights violations committed against Indigenous Peoples during the Spanish invasion.

2 . The Guatemalan state’s response to these legitimate demands has been to deepen racism and to arbitrarily, and illegally, detain a demonstrator whose fundamental judicial guarantees have been violated, such as the right not to be tried twice for the same reason.

3. It the same time, groups linked to the extreme right, displaying their profound contempt and racism against Indigenous Peoples, and xenophobia, are criminalising the Peasant Unity Committee (CUC) and ACOGUATE.

4. This process of criminalisation and persecution against human rights organisations, one for international accompaniment and the other for the defence of the peasant and Indigenous population, seeks to obstruct fundamental rights enshrined in the Political Constitution of the Republic, as well as in the international conventions and treaties ratified by the State of Guatemala, such as the right to demonstration and assembly, freedom of expression and the right to association, and the right to defend rights.

5. Therefore, the Convergence for Human Rights Coalition expresses its solidarity and support to both organisations, and calls on other organisations, as well as society in general and the international community, to also express their solidarity and accompaniment.

6. Similarly, the Convergence for Human Rights Coalition demands an end to the criminalisation and persecution of human rights defenders, organisations and communities.

Guatemala, 22nd October 2021.

You can see the statement with this UDEFEGUA tweet.

For many years, GSN was a proud member of the ACOGUATE family.

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