Achi women, their truth weaves the story

Statement from FAMDEGUA and Caso Diario Militar

In light of the verdicts handed down against the 5 ex-PACs for crimes against humanity, Famdegua and Caso Diario Militar issued a statement in support of the Achi women.

Achi women, their truth weaves the story

Today we remember, 24 January 2022, as the date on which Guatemalan justice, and society, recognised the courage and bravery of 36 Achi women to represent, in the search for justice, more women who were victims of sexual violence and domestic slavery during the internal armed conflict.

These crimes against humanity were committed by former members of the Civil Self-Defence Patrols [ex-PAC], structures created by the Guatemalan army to carry out campaign plans, and public policies, of terror against the civilian population, where the dignity of girls and women bore the brunt.

We, as survivors and relatives of victims of state terrorism, also firmly believe in the testimonies of the women, we value and respect the individual value of each one, because we recognise our truth in them.

We demand that the State of Guatemala comply with its national and international obligations in relation to the grave human rights violations committed with its acquiescence, support or authorisation.

With the example of the Achi women, we continue in the struggle so that all crimes against humanity, especially in the form of sexual violence, which has been silenced for so long, do not go unpunished.

Guatemala City, 24 January 2022

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