Achi Women – Remedial Measures and UN Statement

Impunity Watch Guatemala presented the above infographic to outline the Remedial Measures awarded to the Maya Achi women in the case against five ex-PAC members, who were each sentenced to 30 years for crimes against humanity.

Errors in translation are mine.

Remedial Measures

Achi Women Case

The High Risk Court ‘A’, regarding the appropriate remedial measures in the Achi Women Case, decided to award 12 measures:

Financial compensation

1. The court approved financial compensation for the five Maya Achi women


The Ministry of Health shall:

2. Set up health centres in three Rabinal communities

3. Put in place a comprehensive health care programme for the five surviving women in the case


4. The Indigenous Women’s Ombudsman (DEMI) shall develop a training programme on women’s rights

5. The Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) shall incorporate the history of the Maya Achi Women in the national curriculum (CNB)

6. The Ministry of Education shall provide scholarships for the daughters and granddaughters of the women survivors

7. The Ministry of Education and the local Development Roundtable (MDC) shall produce a documentary that tells the story of the case

8. The Municipality of Rabinal, and the local Development Roundtable, shall create a mural of recognition

9. The Ministry of National Defence (MINDEF) shall carry out, in the community of Xococ, an act of acknowledgment and public apology

10. The Judicial Body (OJ) shall publish the judgement of the case and a summary to be translated into the Achi language.

Guarantees of non-repetition

11. The Ministry of Education shall include this in the curriculum for primary teaching of historical memory

12. The Ministry of National Defence and the Interior Ministry shall develop a course for the prevention of sexual violence

You can see the above here, Tweet – @ImpunityWatchGt

The United Nations Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict (OSRSG-SVC) issued the following statement welcoming the court’s decision:

United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Pramila Patten welcomed Monday’s decision by a high-risk court in Guatemala against five former members of the paramilitary Civil Self-Defense Patrols for the sexual violence committed against indigenous Maya Achi women in the early 1980s during the internal armed conflict.

“The Court’s decision sentencing the accused parties to thirty years imprisonment for domestic slavery, rape and other forms of sexual violence represents a milestone for the Guatemalan Maya Achi survivors, for the victims of sexual violence of the Guatemalan internal conflict, and especially for indigenous women and girls,” said Special Representative Patten.

Special Representative Patten praised the courage of the Maya Achi survivors who began the quest for justice before Guatemalan courts eleven years ago. “I wish to honor the determination and resilience of survivors who, for over a decade, had to overcome numerous obstacles, including stigma and discrimination, to finally see those responsible brought to account in a court of law. Their courage and determination are truly an inspiration, and show us that, despite many challenges, accountability efforts for sexual violence can succeed, are transformative, and must be pursued.”

The Special Representative recalled that this is the second trial for sexual violence against indigenous women committed during the internal conflict before Guatemalan courts, following the historic Sepur Zarco conviction for sexual slavery of Q’eqchi women in 2016. She also praised the innovative strategies put in place in the context of these trials to support successful survivor-centered prosecutions, with the support of civil society organizations, which included extensive use of national and international expert testimony that helped the Court understand victims’ experiences and contributed to changing the narrative in terms of victims’ blame and the healing process from stigma.

“I call upon the Government of Guatemala to continue to pursue justice for survivors of sexual violence of the internal armed conflict. My Office stands ready to support these survivors in their quest for justice and reparations, and to ensure that the horrors of the past never happen again”, concluded Special Representative Patten.

You can read the statement here, UN Special Representative Pramila Patten Welcomes Landmark Sexual Violence Verdict in Guatemala.

La versión española está aquí, La Representante Especial de la ONU Pramila Patten acoge con satisfacción un veredicto histórico sobre la violencia sexual en Guatemala.

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