Simply put, CACIF cannot continue destroying Guatemala

Claudia Virginia Samayoa is the founder and co-ordinator of UDEFEGUA, an organisation that works in the monitoring, investigation and raising awareness of organizations that defend Human Rights in Guatemala. She wrote recently, in La Hora, about the oligarchy, and big business, destroying Guatemala.

Any errors in translation are mine.

You can read the full translation above or here Simply put, CACIF cannot continue destroying Guatemala and the original, in Spanish, here, Simplemente: el CACIF no puede seguir destruyendo a Guatemala.

CACIF is the Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations, an organisation that brings together entities that work to build a better country through productivity and citizen participation. It describes itself as representing the Organized Private Sector and coordinating proposals to promote free enterprise, private property and the rule of law, and influencing public policies that generate a positive environment for entrepreneurship and the development of the country.

Grand words for a such a self-serving organisation.

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