Accumulation by Dispossession

James Rodríguez of MiMundo chronicles another mining story, this time in the Dominican Republic. While at a distance from Guatemala, the company is the same – Goldcorp. Many of the images and stories are familiar to those already familiar with… Read More ›

‘We find Goldcorp guilty ‘

The Peoples’ International Health Tribunal delivered its verdict on the 15th July 2012 in San Miguel Ixtahuacán – “we find Goldcorp guilty for its activities in Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, which we find to be seriously damaging to the health… Read More ›

Attempted assassination of community activist

We featured recently <a href=”Yoli” Oquelí – pictured above. “On June 13th, at approximately 6:30pm, Yoli was ambushed by two men on a motorcycle while driving to her home in San José del Golfo. She was shot at repeatedly; one… Read More ›