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Music | ‘Tiembla patriarcado, tiembla: Hip Hop, Rebeldía y, Equidad’ (Tremble, patriarchy, tremble: Hip hop, rebelliousness and equality)
On March 8, a compiled work of 12 Latin American rappers was launched. “We are women, we are Hip Hop” began in 2013 as an initiative in Ecuador, but from 2014 it expanded into Latin America and aims “to build activists processes through art that promote gender equality”, says the Guatemalan artist Rebecca Lane. The launch of the video “Latinoamerica Unida” is part of the efforts of this group and as Rebecca Lane points out, this has helped her to strengthen her own work and short-term plans. “I’m looking for the empowerment of women in the Central American Hip Hop culture, with workshops, presentations and events. Women are transforming the role that society has assigned to us and we are creating regional movements” asserts the artist and activist.

Film | ‘Justicia para mi Hermana’ (Justice for My Sister) – Guatemala Domestic Violence Case Challenges for Justice
Justice for My Sister‘ follows one Guatemalan woman during her three-year battle to hold her sister’s killer accountable. She encounters many obstacles: a police record that is missing, a judge who is accused of killing his own wife, and witnesses who are too afraid to testify. In the end, Rebeca emerges as a leader in her community with a message for others that justice is possible. Justice for My Sister film was shown in a special screening at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in NYC, sponsored by the US Mission to the UN and the Guatemalan Mission to the UN. Watch the trailer here.

Thanks to CAWN for both these pieces.

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